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A Little Bit About Me :)

My name is Taylor Hay, and I'm SO glad you're here! I am currently 17 years old, and going in to my senior year of high school. I have always loved my academics and have been a straight-A, AP student my whole life. On top of schoolwork, I have danced for 15 years, been on my high school track and cheer teams for 4 years, and am currently my school's ASB Executive Secretary. That said, I am never without stress, pressure, or periods of exhaustion in my life.


In the midst of my high school career, I entered a period of critical health issues, which have taken a large toll on my mental and physical health. I have made large physical improvements since I have started, but my mental health is an ongoing battle. Having experienced this, and having witnessed mental health struggles in the people around me and online, I was motivated to start a discussion about mental health in our global society. I want people to recognize that they are never alone, but also that each individual struggle is valid and unique to you. And I believe the first step in changing - and preventing - the declining mental health and wellness in our society is talking about it. I personally love writing and analyzing in my English classes, which I thought I could bring to a domain of my own. I am excited, then, to start a discussion and heighten awareness of mental health in our world, in our community, and in ourselves. 

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