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Let's Talk Deeper Causes

Mental health is such a complex issue, with so so many causes and effects. It can feel overwhelming to approach the rapid increase in mental illness when it does feel so overwhelming and vast. And while this is a valid first reaction, it's critical that we, as a global community, have the ability to push past the discomfort of the unknown and at least start diving deeper.

I recently read a Harvard News article which contained a brief interview discussing a study on the associations between childhood housing insecurity and mental health issues (specifically anxiety and depression). In the interview, Ryan Keen, lead author of the study, essentially demonstrated how negatively housing insecurity impacted the mental health of these children.

Childhood housing insecurity, then, acts as simply one cause for the mental illness of millions. And I do not write this simply to report or to list examples of reasons for mental health issues. I write this because it provides guidance for solving the mental health crisis. Housing insecurity is something we can pinpoint. Something we can target. Something to work towards changing. It, in itself, is the result of so many factors - but it is something we have the power to control. There are several economic, political, charitable, and social innovative routes that may alleviate the instability of millions. And regardless of what means we choose, it will have an enormous impact on the mental and emotional well-being of our society.

Then, why don’t we act?

Again, this isn’t me promoting initiatives strictly to improve homelessness and financial instability (though, I do encourage the change). This is me highlighting the necessity of change on a whole. The necessity of diving deeper. No issue with as big of an impact as mental illness will be easy to dissect. But once you do, the task is not so daunting. It’s achievable. Manageable. You can identify a cause, then a solution. Then, you take action.

That’s why I started this blog. It’s my version of taking action. I’ve grown up in a small town, with a great family, a secure home, and many opportunities. But I’m a writer. A talker. I use my words to convey and persuade and hopefully make a difference in people’s lives (in one way or another). I’ve identified something important to me - something worth dissecting. I decided I want to learn more and I started from there. There is a lot to learn and a lot to know about our world and I chose something to start out with. And that’s what I encourage everyone to do.

Whether it be childhood housing insecurity, or political actions, or social norms, or sports, or psychology, or poverty, or education, start with something. That something is making an impact on people’s mental health in some way and that is worth discussing. And certainly worth changing.

That’s all I have to say for this post. If you take one thing away, take away the importance of diving deeper into the causes of mental health. Those causes and those social realities are rapidly affecting millions. I promise it is worth educating yourself and others on.

No matter your personal values and your personal opportunities - keep talking. Please.

Thank you for reading,

Taylor :)


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