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Let's Talk Making a Change

Hi all! I'm so happy to be receiving so many responses and starting discussions with you all. It has taken some time, but I feel like my goal for this blog is really being achieved. I just want to start a conversation, I just want to make others think about very relavant matters of mental health in society and in their own lives. So THANK YOU for being willing and eager to discuss like I am. You guys are welcome to comment, too, but even your emails and insights prove how powerful words can be :))))

On that note, I'm writing now to discuss the idea that is "making a change." Whether it be in society, the environment, politics, policy... whatever it is... people are always very adamant about making change. And for good reason, we have so much room to grow. But it almost sounds like an empty phrase sometimes. And sometimes, I would argue, people say it for all the wrong reasons. As young students, we are encouraged to make a change in our communities, but for the sake of an advantage to get into college. When we hear about saving the environment by politicians, we hear it because they desire a following. And though I would still argue that we still shouldn't be hesitant to take these steps towards change, I do urge you to evaluate the intention behind the motivators.

Even more, I urge you to find what YOU are passionate about. What makes you think? What makes you most worries? What issue could you talk about for hours on end? And start there. Of course, never limit yourself to making change in only one matter. But, if you are pursuing change or social advocacy or anything of the sort, do it because you care. Do it because you can personally understand and care for the outcome and affects.

All I really mean to say, is that society pushes this idea that we must aim to make a change in our lives, but it can be daunting and almost inapplicable, when you don't have the proper foundation. Research, observe, think, soul-search. Find what you agree needs change, and then you can start a journey to reform, preserve, or grow your intended issue.

YOU and you alone choose how to change lives, so never neglect how you feel about the topic you are advocating for. Never neglect the intention behind it.

Make a change, but make it for the right reasons.

Keep talking!

Taylor Hay


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